Catherine Craig, photographerCatherine is a photographer and artist based in Vancouver and Tofino. Her inspiration for her photography comes out of exploring the urban, rural and backcountry settings of where she lives and where she travels. She finds beauty and intrigue in every aspect of her environment, be it in the inherent majestic beauty of the coastal landscape or in the very up close, macro photography of an individual flower.

With the advent of digital photography, Catherine has been exploring photo manipulation by digitally altering some her images. She is currently working on a project, “The Hands That Play”, which is a collection of altered photographs of musicians playing a variety of musical instruments.

Catherine participates annually as a vendor at the Tofino Public Market from May to September. At the market, she sells cards, enlargements, fridge magnets and other photo related artwork. She sells her cards in various locations in Tofino and Vancouver. Catherine’s photographic works adorn the walls of many households in the lower mainland, in the United States and Europe.

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